This page was designed to help preserve the memory of my dear father - Henry Otto.  My father was great man
and incredibly talented craftsman.  He was a leading part in the design and fabrication for the stairs leading to & through
the crown of the Statue of Liberty in New York City.  His skill was also elicited in the fabrication of the stainless steel
work at the World Trade Center.  It is men such as my Dad who helped form this beautiful country.  I wonder if when my
parents sailed from Germany past Liberty Island in 1956, and saw the Statue for the firs time, they would think my Father
would play such a role and leave such a legacy.

In Loving Memory of Henry Otto.  Dear Father & Loving Husband.  Click to Continue.

 I love you Dad and not a day will pass when I don't think of you.  Your Son, Harold.

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